Fly Healthy – Fly Strong

A couple of hours until boarding, remember everything-no liquids over four ounces, leave the Swiss Army knife and multi-purpose tool at home in the desk drawer. Oh yeah, I did pack the phone charger after all.

Good, now on to what is really important. Keeping the immune system strong on and after the flight, so that the trip is fun, or productive, or whatever it has to be. The night before flying, take a heaping tablespoon of larix powder to boost up the immunity (Eclectic Institute is the best – 1 800 952 7921), also, be sure to take a good quality vitamin C, preferably something mineral based. This will stay in your system longer and not upset digestion.

I like Country Life Superior Vitamin C. It is the best I have found so far. Take some more the morning of the flight and after you land. If you hit bowel tolerance, skip a dosage Ibutamoren MK-677 sarm and take the next with a meal. Also very good would be olive leaf extract, about 1000 mg the night before and another 1000 mg before the flight. I also like to take 200 mg of coenzyme Q 10 to further combat free radicals. Some people like Airborne; I’ve never tried it, but the ingredients are clean, and some of my patients swear by it.

Once on the plane, turn off the air vent over the plane seat. If you run hot, wear short sleeves, or take off a layer. Next carry some natural hand wipes and go over your seat handle, tray in front of you etc. When being served beverages, request a sealed bottle, and no ice. Of course, wash hands thoroughly after using the restroom, and use a paper towel to open the door.

After the flight, repeat the routine. If any scratchiness in the throat manifests, non -alcohol extract of goldenseal or propolis can be very helpful. If any symptoms get way out of control, or if there is a high fever, check in with your healthcare provider to get some guidance… Drink a lot of water, always.

Okay, time for me to take some supplements and hit the airport. See you when I get back.