How to Find the Best Disc Music Box

How to Find the Best Disc Music Box

Regardless of whether you gather antique music boxes, classic music boxes, ballet dancer music boxes for your ballet performer room stylistic theme, wooden token boxes, or melodic gems boxes, plate music boxes likewise make exquisite collectibles. The following are ten additional novel plate music boxes to browse.

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The Fortuna

This music box was made by Julius H Zimmerman. He really assumed control over the Adler items and afterward accordingly changed the name to “Fortuna”. Upstanding and even things were made. The brand name is a hawk with spread wings holding in its snout a lace which has “protected” on it, with “schutzmark” above, and “exchange mark” underneath.

Gloria Disk Box

This case comes in two plate sizes of 11 ¾ inches and 18 ¼ inches. Standard brushes were utilized and both upstanding and even things were produced by Societe Anonyme.


This isn’t equivalent to the “Gloria” box referenced previously. This twin plate model, made by Paul Ehrlich and Company, played 26 ½ inch circles.


The “Harmonia” plate music confine went size from 8 creeps to 16 inches and was made by Harmonia SA.


The brand name of this plate box has “Imperator” encased inside a circle with a flaring light isolating “exchange mark” joined on a stepped emblem and cast on the bedplate. This crate was made between 1893-1900.

Magnificent Symphonion

This collectible thing was fabricated by the Harry Potter Music Boxes Symphonion Manufacturing Company.


The Junghas circle music box exchange mark is a “J” inside a star on the plate. It was made by Junghanssche Uhrenfabrik.


This fascinating music confine came both upstanding and even positions. Some even had chimes. The circle sizes ran structure 5 ¾ creeps to 29 ½ inches.


Komet Musikwerke made the Komet circle music box however the model was really presented by Franz louis Bauer in 1894. Of the two styles, the prior style had the circle without projections. Additionally the 33 ¼ inch one was played on ahuge upstanding machine with a chime backup.


This really was a special circle music box. Made by Fredrich Adolf Richter and Company, it had an exceptional procedure for collapsing cardboard strips (music books).

Gathering things, for example, music boxes is an agreeable leisure activity. Regardless of whether you are gathering antique music boxes, classic music boxes, ballet performer music boxes for your ballet dancer room style, wooden memento boxes, or melodic gems boxes, you additionally may wish to consider adding any of these particular circle music boxes. They really will enhance your assortment.