Increase Semen Volume

Increase Semen Volume

Many men do not realize that the volume, or amount, of semen they ejaculate is mostly self induced. Some of the causes of low semen volume are simple to remedy. Wearing tight clothing, bathing in extremely hot water, obesity, or extended periods of physical inactivity can all cause a drop in the volume of semen emitted during sexual contact. Additionally, frequent ejaculation is a major cause of low semen volume.

There are some intelligent and effective methods to help you raise your semen volume. Here are a few for your consideration.

1. Eat nutritious Food. A decent, healthy diet that is low fat, high Semenax results before and after protein, and includes vegetables and whole grains can help you increase semen volume. Actually, your diet is probably one of the most important factors affecting semen volume. It also happens to be good for your overall physical health.

2. Amount of sex. Another huge factor affecting this male malady is how much sex you have. This can be either with a partner or via masturbation. Either way, if you can, have less sex or limit your masturbation. Semen volume is directly tied to how often you ejaculate. More ejaculation equals less semen ejected. A good rule of thumb is to have an interval of around two days after a single ejaculation.

3. Keep your testicles cool. Extremely hot baths or showers as well as saunas and steam baths can lower your production of semen. Avoiding these activities can help increase your semen volume.

4. Physical activity and exercise. Regular exercise and frequent physical activity (other than sexual activity) helps your body operate better. If you can, join a gym and workout at least 3 or 4 times every week.

5. Use massage oils. Massage oils are a type of herbal supplement that can also help. These oils increase blood circulation resulting in a higher volume of semen created.

6. Weight loss. Lose your extra baggage immediately; being overweight negatively impacts testosterone levels. Again, less testosterone means less semen.

7. Avoid stress. Decrease your levels of stress wherever you can. Use relaxation methods like meditation, listening to soothing music, relaxation tapes o

8. Vitamins or herbal supplements. Only supplements that are medically endorsed should be used. There really are quite a few supplements that are effective in helping increase semen volume for men. A couple of the more effective ones are Semenax and Volume Pills.

These are simply suggestions to set you on your way to larger ejaculations with more force and pleasure. There are others available for consideration, so you should try each one in turn and find what works for you as an individual.

Each person is different and will find remedies that work well for them, and not well for others. Conversely, a method that works for another guy may not necessarily work for you. If you try all or most of these and get no results, it may be time to consult a physician as it may be an indication of a medical problem.