Is Anyone Listening?

My roll as a college recruiter is to advise parents and high school student athletes on the many aspects of the college recruiting process. For years, parents and their talented student athletes have looked to me for help when it came to college recruiting and for many years I have offered my knowledge.

There are situations where athletes and their parents were not sure about what to do in the recruiting process. For example, one basketball player I was working with was only interested in Division I basketball programs even though there were no Division I programs recruiting him. This young man wanted me to get in touch with some of the best programs in the country. I told him that if they weren’t recruiting you now, more than likely they would never recruit you. But he would not listen to reason.

When I did get a small Division I basketball program interested, they wanted to see a DVD first so they could take a closer look. After this Division I basketball program evaluated the DVD they said that they would keep an eye on him. That’s just a nice way that some Division I programs say that you’re not good enough or you’re not as good as the players we have now.

If a college program thinks you are any good they would start the recruiting process ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบ now. Most college programs are not going to wait to start recruiting you. If you are good, they will come after you now. The college programs I know are always looking for players and they don’t want to lose you to another program. In this young man’s case, I told him to look at smaller college basketball programs. He didn’t listen and this player still wanted only Division I programs. He was going to live or die with that decision. I kept advising him to look at many programs but it was all about the Division I, that’s all he cared about. The problem was that this young man would only focus on Division I and he would close the door on any other programs. He felt that he was that good.

Now keep in mind that Division I college programs from all sports have a recruiting budget. These programs can recruit all over the country and can find the players that they need. If you are good, they will find you but sometimes there are players who slip through the cracks. Now this high school athlete was good but not for that level of basketball. If you’re not that good then you must move on to other college programs. If these college programs on that level are not recruiting then you need to move on.