Lose Pounds Overnight With Weight Loss Pills – No Thanks!

Rapid weight loss is what most people want. Losing pounds overnight sounds fantastic and don’t get me wrong – I hate diets as much as the next person. The idea of weight loss without effort is the stuff dreams are made of. When I saw the headline in a recent article – Weight Loss Pills Made Me Lose Pounds Overnight – I was intrigued. So intrigued I bought the weight loss pills. What follows is my own personal experience.

Weight Loss Pills that shed pounds overnight, declared the headline. Now I am not usually a gullible fool having had years of experience with diet and nutrition. I believe in healthy eating and after years of yo yo dieting and fluctuating weight losses and gains, I have finally settled buy adipex at an acceptable weight for my height and age. But hey – I’m only human. After a weeks break staying with my son who lives in very close proximity to two of the country’s largest superstores which have shelves and fridges stuffed to overflowing with the most mouth watering delights available, I admit, I succumbed to temptation. Big style.

Pies and bread are my weakness and the aroma of freshly baked products wafting through the air as I was trying to choose a lettuce was too overpowering for my senses. As I loaded my shopping trolley with pies, cream cakes and thick cut tiger loaves I convinced myself that one week wasn’t going to make a difference. Unfortunately my bathroom scales didn’t agree.

To say I was horrified on my return home by the weight gain is an understatement. And as anyone else who has reached a ‘certain age’ will testify to, losing weight gets much harder with every passing year. Besides which I had an important event to attend just a couple of weeks later. The dress was bought and I had to fit into it, at all costs. However my taste buds and cravings for meat pies had been re-awakened. I wasn’t keen to give them up and revert to my healthy ways. Hence the decision to give THOSE PILLS a try.

The idea behind the pills seemed feasible enough. The tablets are designed to block up to a third of the fat you consume preventing it from being digested and so allowing it to pass directly out of your body. The manufacturers recommend following a low fat diet throughout the treatment so enabling you to lose weight more quickly than by diet alone. But if the active ingredient blocks a third of the fat consumed, surely it would be ideal when taken with a fatty meal? No, say the manufacturers. This is not recommended as it could lead to unwelcome side effects.

Which brings me back to the article: Lose Weight Overnight With Weight loss Pills.

The author of the article suggests that taking this type of weight loss tablet with a fatty meal in fact increases it’s effects. In other words, if the meal was quite heavily made up of fat the bulk of that fat along with the excess calories would pass right through the system. Rather like a laxative except that most of what was eliminated would be fat and not essential nutrition. Call me naive, call me stupid, but that steak pudding was staring me in the face and it sure looked good. What harm would it do, I thought.