Top 10 Bodybuilding Eating Plan Questions Answered

Developing the proper habits is a vital aspect of any fitness program, and following a solid bodybuilding eating plan is no different. Get the answers to the top 10 questions now!

Q: How many calories should I be eating daily if I plan on bodybuilding?

A: The number of calories you should be eating varies by body size. As a general rule of thumb, when you’re just starting out, you should eat somewhere between 2,500 to 3,000 calories daily. Make sure that your eating plan includes protein, fat, carbohydrates and plenty of water.

Q: How much protein should be included in a bodybuilding eating plan?

A: Multiply your total body weight by 1.2 to get the total grams of protein you need to eat in a day. You should divide this amount equally between your meals and snacks throughout the day. Protein sources should include lean meats (such as chicken and turkey) and white fish. Post protein workout shakes should be the only liquid sources of protein throughout the day. If you do choose to include protein buy ostarine supplements no more than half of your daily protein should come from supplemental sources.

Q: When I am bodybuilding how much carbohydrate do I need to include in my eating plan?

A: Multiply your lean body mass (your fat free body weight, not your total body weight) by 0.8 to get the amount of carbohydrates you should be eating in a day. These should be divided between your major meals. Carbohydrates should also be included post workout.

Q: How much fat (and what types of fats) should I plan on eating when I am bodybuilding?

A: About 25% of your calories should come from fat. This isn’t to say you should increase the amounts of harmful fats in your diet. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are needed when your bodybuilding. These include omega three and omega six. A good way to make sure you get your EFAs is to include flax seeds, flax oil, are flax meal in your diet. Another good source