Will Video Gamers Be the Warriors and Warfighters of the Future?

Many accept, as do I that later on we will be extremely glad that every one of our children grew up playing computer games, since they might well some time or another be controlling military robots shielding us from attacking foe armed forces. Today, that sounds like Science Fiction, however it’s sort of previously happening, truth be told.

A long while back, I read a truly fascinating Sci Fi book once where a gathering of children where brought to save the Earth, as they went into an impossible to win situation, similar to the one Capt. Kirk Jr. did in the new Star Trek film, where he manipulated the test system, and beat the game.

In any case, in this other story it was a hopeless scenario and the children were the very best video-gamers, they were running monitored ships in the fight tele-mechanically joker99 on an adversary space base, and assuming they bombed Earth would be annihilated, in spite of the fact that they didn’t have a clue about that. In this way, they involved one of the monitored ships as a penance fake, and they dominated the match, simply later to figure out it was genuine, the men on that transport all kicked the bucket, however the children playing the game saved the Earth.

Well a while back, I had a companion who began an organization who planned a computer game for the Stealth Fighter, for youngsters, and it was absolutely famous, and there was bunches of interest from the DOD, thus, it is a reality that we use computer games to change the outlook of the up and coming age of war-contenders, likewise for enrollment. What’s more, his computer game turned into the reason for a tactical test system project; lovely cool.

There has been greatly composed on this and I even saw notice of it in a Rand Think Tank report on the up and coming age of military enlisted people. It’s important for the arrangement obviously, but a little one, however I bet now with all the monstrous preparation of the UAV unit tele-mechanical pilots, and DHS, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Navy, and so forth that they are considerably more focused on it today than any time in recent memory. If it’s not too much trouble, think about this.