Do you suffer of juggling multiple software applications to run your recruitment and staffing operations? What do you use to manage your ATS as well as your HRMS, payroll and job portal, along with other daily tasks? If you’re starting to get overwhelmed by many different solutions, it might be time to consider an all-in-one system to rid yourself of all that stress!

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What is the reason you need an All-In-One Solution:

Remove Multiple Data Entry

It is only necessary to enter the information at a single time, whether you’re creating a new candidate or client or job-order. Once the information is input into your front-office solution, all information will be transferred to your back-office system, web portals, mobile applications as well as other applications. It is no longer necessary to enter manually the same information several or even more than three times into every solution! This will help you save time and let you spend more time learning new business insights by entering information.

Streamline Business Operations

All your information regarding your candidates and clients will be saved in the same application, which means you don’t have to switch between various software applications. If you’re using the CRM software that isn’t integrated with an ATS it is necessary to connect the pieces of information together. All-in-one solutions give you the capability to look for candidates who are an ideal fit for a job and schedule interviews, write notes and assign candidates in one system.

Not only will your business operations be more efficient and efficient, but also the design and appearance for your products. Your back office, front office, and website portals will look and function the same. This allows everyone in your team to be familiar with your program faster, without having to master a variety of methods.

If you invest in one company it is also the case that you only need to adhere to one contract instead of having to manage different contracts and dates for expiration. It may initially appear more efficient to choose several, cheaper options however, the expense could end up being nearly identical when all is was said and done. That’s why it’s important to conduct research prior to making a commitment. Although it may cost more to use an all-in-one system however, it could be worth having a simpler process. Do you need to evaluate the benefits and cons?

Lower chance of losing Data and Information

There is a less chance of losing data if you have it all in one location. You’ll know where to locate the information you need , and it won’t be lost in the chaos. Furthermore, it’s easy to miss or forget information when it’s in several places.

Another important thing to consider is the security of your data. Are your files stored in a secure data center? Are you in danger of losing your data , or even being hacker-proofed? If you’re using all-in-one software, their security investment could be more than a single solution.

Gain Access to the Advanced Sales & General Ledger Back Office Reporting

Since all your details regarding your payroll and invoicing will be automatically transferred out of your office to the back-office, you will have the ability to run more sophisticated sales analysis as well as general ledger reports. These reports provide your company an insight on your HR Solutions to help you make the right business decision-making. In the absence of these reports it’s difficult to comprehend the entire image and you’ll must spend longer sifting through data from various databases before constructing these reports. This can lead to mistakes and incorrect reports.

Fully integrated solution and beyond

Apart from having your entire solution fully integrated, you can often find integrated capabilities in front-office software also. Apart from posting jobs directly to your website, certain solutions allow you to announce job openings and other information that you wish to share directly on social media. Instead of switching between your office front and various social media platforms Why not publish directly from one platform?

Certain applications even provide texts and e-mails straight from the software. If you’re sending one e-mail text message or a large text or email message you are able to send it directly through the software! It is common to create the e-mail and text template and also save time creating the same message that you are sending several times per day.

Advanced reports are available in some of the solutions. Imagine pulling reports from a branch or computer to view the amount of open jobs and the number of clients who have been interviewed and the number of jobs that were placed over a certain time frame? What if you could look at the relationship between the places you advertise your job and the number of applicants you’re putting on the job boards to figure the most appropriate places to promote your jobs? These are fantastic examples of how you could use an all-in-one solution for front office for your benefit.